Innovative Solutions Group Announces Free Web Hosting Offer


(Helena, MT)—Innovative Solutions Group, a premier web design and online marketing firm, has recently announced their free web hosting offer. For a limited time, clients who purchase any new website design package is eligible to receive one year of website hosting free of charge. With web hosting plans starting at $75.00, this offer enables business owners to save a great deal of money when they choose Innovative Solutions Group for their web needs.

Dustin Reed, Owner and Senior Web Technician at Innovative Solutions Group, commented “The fact that we live in a digital era means that everyone who owns a business needs a website. Without one, they’re losing business to competitors – period. Unfortunately, many business owners are missing out on opportunities because they think that hiring a web designer and maintaining a website will be an expensive venture. At Innovative Solutions Group, we offer $500 websites to show business owners that’s not the case. Right now, we’re also offering a free hosting package for the first year to encourage business owners to finally make the leap and commit to putting their company on the right track by getting a website online sooner rather than later.”

Customers who are interested in taking advantage of the 1 year of free web hosting offered by Innovative Solutions Group are invited to visit their website to purchase the Business Start Up website design package. In addition to the free hosting, the package includes five expertly-designed pages, a responsive, mobile-friendly design, a site logo, and 250 free printed business cards. Additional pages or features are available for an additional fee.

As Reed goes on to say, “Whether we’re providing search engine optimization services or building a custom website, it is our greatest desire to see businesses thrive. Our team understands that having a simple, well-designed site is key in making that happen. We invite business owners to take advantage of our free hosting deal now so that they can enjoy maximum savings as they invest in their future by investing in great web design.”

About Innovative Solutions Group:

Located in beautiful Helena, Montana, the team at Innovative Solutions Group has been building websites since 1994 and is currently hosting over 300 sites. In addition to creating many sites with content management systems like SohoLaunch Pro and WordPress, the firm also creates logos and does a wide range of other graphic design projects. With an uncommon attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Innovative Solutions considers itself unique in the field of website design, and they are confident their clients will draw the same conclusion.


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Ways On How To Earn Money Online A lot of people are searching for ways on how to earn a few extra dollars online. Fortunately, we live in a world dominated by technology and there are a lot of ways you can earn money online. For as long as you have the right attitude and you work hard, you can even make it big here. Allow me to provide you several ways on how you can earn money online. 1. Sell your items on the internet. If you have a lot of things you no longer use and is just sitting in your house, why not sell it to other people who would be happy to pay money for it? Not only do we make money out of it, we also make other people happy. With the emergence of good websites that help us sell second hand items, doing this is a breeze. Although you won’t be getting much for a single item that you are going to sell, if you have a lot of things to dispose online, you can easily earn big money. It is a good idea to utilize social networking websites when advertising your products online. Negotiation is also easier because most if not all of these sites have a chat box, you can easily get in touch with interested buyers. Look for things you no longer use and earn money out of them.
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2. Making blogs
Resources Tips for The Average Joe
If you are talented in writing, why not create your own blog for money? People say that when you enjoy your work, it is not considered as work at all. It is a good idea to make a blog about the things you are most interested about. Not only do you earn money, you also enjoy what you are doing. For as long as you make your topics interesting, a lot of people would take the time to visit your website. The more people interested to read your blog, the more money you are going to earn online. 3. Look for online jobs When you utilize the internet well, you can easily look for online jobs. Convenience is the biggest advantage when you do this. You can do your daily shifts while in the comfort of your own home. 4. Become a webpage designer There is a huge demand for talented webpage designers today. With the way things are going today, just mention that you are a good webpage designer and a lot of companies will be competing to hire you. You can earn a lot of money by becoming a webpage designer. Just keep working hard and put your heart in what you do and one day you will be very successful.

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Plaster Seals: Essential to Any Plaster Job Plaster is one of the essential materials in buildings that is used to protect or coat walls and ceilings and can also be molded to cast decorative ornaments.. Plaster is commonly used inside the interiors of buildings and can be used to make sculptures and other decorative elements rather than just plain flat surfaces, also called stucco. Most plasters are made of either of the following: lime, cement and mainly gypsum, despite this, they all work the same way. Plaster is easily workable, and can be molded and sculpted with the use of metal tools and sometimes sandpaper. Plaster is not advisably used as a load-bearing material, as it is not strong enough and it can only be used for finishing and decoration purposes. In any case, if your final objective is layering something over the material, whether it is tiles or paint, or you will inevitably fill it with water, for example, in swimming pools; you will need to first close the mortar before you can put anything on top of it. Plaster sealing or plaster seal is the name of the process. On account of plastered walls on showers, saunas, bathrooms and especially pool areas, you will need to apply a plaster sealer to close certain zones that come into contact with water and viably waterproof them. With plaster seals, you will not have to worry about water going past the plaster seal barrier and causing damage to the cement behind it as well as other parts of the building. Plaster sealing successfully safeguards the tiles that are exposed to water and makes sure that they won’t fall off and break. As you may not know, plaster products sometimes contain lime ingredients that burn the paint that you put over them, these can be avoided by plaster sealing the walls and ceilings that you wish to paint over. Plaster seals on these interiors adequately let you paint over it as much as you prefer, while never having to think about if the paint will fall off and burn. When you are ready to begin sealing your plaster walls, you will essentially need to get paint rollers and paint brushes, and obviously a plaster seal you prefer. Some other items you may also need are paint stirrers, paint roller extension and a ladder to reach those more difficult to reach places in ceilings and corners. If you ever feel that the sealer is too thick, you will also need a solvent to be able to thin it out. As to how to seal plaster, you will simply go over your walls and ceilings like how you would paint them, plaster seals are simply like how varnish is to wood.

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The Basics on SEO Website Design There is a lot of considerations that you need to take into mind of regarding SEO website design because this can make or break your online business and it will play a huge role on the success of your online company. Website design is crucial without a doubt, so you will want to keep that into mind when you want to have a top notch website. A website is critical for a business nowadays, and there is a lot of different kinds of uses and purposes for these types of websites, because you will have to make sure that you can actually use it for selling your items and also promoting your business as well. There is actually a lot of different factors and considerations you will want to keep into mind of when it comes down to actually using a website because this can act as a salesperson because when someone sees a well designed website, it is going to make them want to consider purchasing your products. So basically, if you want your business to be successful then you are going to need to make sure you are able have some top notch SEO website design because this will boost your company into the realms of success. If you want your website and your business to be successful on the online world, then your SEO website design needs to not only look good but it also needs to work well and be user friendly as well. Colorful text and flashy banners, is something that a lot of people thinks is what makes up a good looking website. So if you want to have a good website, you will want to make sure that the website you are making looks good, because after all this is how you will attract new customers. Besides ensuring that your website looks good, you will want to make sure that it functions well and that it is also practical as well. Because the design will bring in the customers and the functionality of the website will encourage them to browse around and even purchase your products. Hence the importance of SEO website design, but you will need to find a designer that knows what they are doing because this can either help your business become successful or it can help sink your business. SEO is vital because SEO is actually what will rank your website, on search engines so if you want your website to come up easily when people do searches, you will have to invest in excellent SEO website design. So if you want to have a successful online business, you will need to make sure you have great SEO website design.Interesting Research on Websites – What No One Ever Told You

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Project Writing for Your University Before graduating from university, every student will be asked to write a project that is to be submitted before the end of the school year. This writing project is a task that needs to be correctly done so that you can successfully graduate with high marks. This is an undergraduate project that needs to be written by the student himself/herself. To help you with your university writing project, find some tips below. To be eligible for graduation a student must submit a writing project duly researched and written using all the knowledge that were acquired by the student in previous years, and this amounts to several points which is incorporated in the student’s final grade. There are many other advantages to writing projects. When one writes a paper project the whole thinking process is engaged and the student learns to organize and express his thoughts. Compared to oral projects, written projects will come out with better results because the student has ample time to think about what he/she wants to say in his/her paper. Students are challenged to be creative in their written projects, and a lot of them are able to come up with excellent pieces of research work. Writing projects are required so that the college student will acquire a degree at the end of the final year. If you are looking for an undergraduate project, there are a lot available for the different types of courses a student is in.
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Here are the different types of degrees which one will qualify for upon completion of the requirements, and these are Bachelor’s degree, Associate degree, Master’s degree, Doctorate Degree, certificate programs, deplomers, and others. There are more complicated papers to write for those writing for higher degrees like masteral and doctoral degrees where they are required to write thesis, and dissertations, respectively.
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Many undergraduate candidates for graduation vie for honors by passing some examinations. If someone marginally fails the honor exam, he will get a pass degree or a degree without honors. Failing badly with the honors examination can only give you a pass degree if you pass it the next time around. This failing students are no longer allowed to receive honors but they can graduate if they are able to complete their writing project. If the student want to finish his college studies and earn his rightful degree, it is important for that person to submit the writing project required by the school for a chance to graduate from college. There are a lot of topics for your writing project which you can find in the internet and all you need to do is look for the broader general topic or your subject matter.

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What You Need To Know About 1031 Exchange Property Tax

The law have always provided rules that certain real estate properties have to take on various rules and provisions to be successful in the 1031 exchange property tax rules . At some points, some people and real estate owners may have doubts about the selling of these assets and questions that they want to answer when it comes to the 1031 exchange property tax rules, and experts have suggested for these experts to ask help from tax experts. For individuals who have no idea or have not heard about the so called 1031 exchange, it was formulated for everyone’s needs in the 1990. The main aim of the 1031 exchange property tax rules are for investors real estate who are into the real estate industry to stay grounded and be guided. To compensate for their past properties, these 1031 exchange property tax rules have been created to provide ways for these business people to re-invest in their property assets.

It is very advantageous for each real estate investor to learn more about 1031 exchange property tax rules despite the fact that these admonitions are associated with several tax federal rules. Similar to other types of businesses, real estate investors will need to be eligible to the code of 1031 exchange property tax rules.

People need at least two properties for investment or selling in order to be eligible and they must adhere to transaction rules. Individuals cannot use their own places of residence to qualify for 1031 exchange code. They will need to ask the help from a personal real estate lawyer to assist them in the fixing of the legal processes embedded inside the 1031 exchange. They are also given the option to add a professional intermediary to lessen the problems that might be raised along the obtaining of requirements for the 1031 exchange property tax rules.

It is important for these individuals to take into consideration the 45 day rule. This means that they are only given 45 days from the actual selling date when their properties are sold, to see the property that they want to purchase. All parties have to keep in mind that these rules have been provided since they are responsible for enacting and implementing the 1031 exchange property tax rules , and they have to follow each provision within it. Experts have advised that it is better for them not to engage in trading their property, gain the money, and search and find a new property. Legal experts and specialists on this field have noted that individuals have to take the 45 day rule to search for the right property for your 1031 exchange property tax needs.

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All About Retro Games For The Gaming Enthusiast

Are you that type of person who is enthusiastic about the retro game age? Are you hungry about knowing the best retro games ever made throughout the ages? Read through the article below because it has gathered some of the most remarkable games ever made in history.

Some retro games that became popular in the past ages are still said to be well-known even until this day and some have even enjoyed remakes that are still playable in mobile devices, but there are also some retro games that are less popular now and has just been categorized as retro classic archival items. True enough, these retro games have really become part of the lives of the children before that are probably grown up adults by now, but it is also important not to forget them as this article will rekindle the memories and moments from those games in the past decades.

Below is a revisit at some of the greatest retro games every made in history.
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Frogger – Developed in 1981 by a popular gaming company, Frogger has always captured the thrills and the excitement of gamers as frogs had to be brought home safe from all the busy streets and river hazards that come while the game is being played. The Frogger coin-up is played with more than just one CPU and regarded as one of the first ever developed.
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Space Invaders – No gaming enthusiast cannot know about the popular and classic arcade type game known as Space Invaders that Tomohiro Nishikado developed, one of the most exciting retro games ever made through the ages. Released in 1978 and originally made and sold in Japan, the game was quite popular during that day. In the following years, a different company was able to obtain a license to sell it around the United States. Space Invaders was considered one of the earlier mission games and shooting games that comprised of players defeating a set of aliens with a laser machine and get the highest score as possible. Because of its big success among consumers and gamers before, Space Invaders earned the title of being the basis of many shooting games today.

Star Wars – Gaming enthusiasts will always make sure they have a Star Wars game in their collection, as history dates back an early version of the game in 1983. Even until today, Star Wars is a word of mouth, may it be the game, the film or the merchandise items, and it has produced millions of followers around the world. The game involved players navigating through the Star Wars world during the attack of the Death Star, which was seen in 1977 on film.

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Money Saving Tips On Repairing Phones With The Use Of Spare Parts

Whether you are new or experienced iPhone user, you should know that fact that there will come an instance when you have to buy spare parts for your phones and devices and use these as replacement for the other parts that are in your phones. The most common way that people think when they find damages on their phones is to take them to repair shops around and have them treated by a professional, but for sure this is going to be costly. Experts say that there is a cheaper way to do this, by buying spare iPhone parts and performing the replacement and repair yourself, to be able to save as much money as you can. Expect to see surprises when you do this, because this can be done without involving yourself into too much technical work and without becoming an expert professional.

You will be surprised about the wide range of iPhone spare parts and accessories that you can use and buy from online stores or shops, which have different functions. One of the key advices of professionals is for you to know exactly what you are going to buy and being careful about buying these iPhone spare parts to get the best you can possible have. Experts have advised for each phone user marred with getting their phones repaired to find the reputable and experienced company that sell these iPhone parts so only the best services and guaranteed success they can experience from repairing their phones. Moreover, be aware that there are companies that offer second hand parts taken from previous phones and models that had new parts on their own, costing the customers with less amounts that doing the methods they are used to. These parts are available in quality conditions but with great affordable prices, reasons why they can just make the phone work again just like a brand new phone. Since these are cheaper methods, you can save more when you do this.

Some of the most frequent problems that people encounter with their iPhones are broken or scratched screens. No matter how much care you have on your phones, they cannot always escape from experiencing the worst of wear and tear with their phones. Aside from how the spare parts can help, there are also instances when users can be able to buy replacement screens from the same stores where they bought the other replacement parts. Expect to be surprised to see how much you can save when you choose these spare parts instead of having the phone repaired at expensive rates. This page is part of the many online resources that can offer more tips.What I Can Teach You About Repairs

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How One Can Benefit from Selling Test Strips

People who are suffering from diabetes usually need monitoring constantly. It is recommendable for every diabetic to own a kit which comes in handy when testing for their own blood sugar levels. They should, therefore, get test strips from various brands that supply them. Most diabetic patients however cannot be able to buy these test strips since they have a very high price tag. What makes it difficult for these patients to access these kits might be due to the fact they have low pay grades and don’t even own health insurance. Due to this reason, there are many organisations that volunteer to supply these kits to these people in an effort to curb diabetes.

Those people who have these test strips delivered to them on a daily basis keep them for rainy day. At times, one might not be using all of these boxes causing them to pile up. Those who have a lot of boxes piling up in their homes for test strips have various reasons for doing so. Once you have all these boxes and no idea what to do with them, one can choose to sell them to other diabetics.

One can also supply them to dealers who specialise in selling of diabetic strips to diabetic patients. This way, those diabetic patients who cannot afford to buy these products from various companies can have them from these dealers. They can supply them to these patients at a discount or choose to give them free of charge. There are also those dealers who donate these boxes after buying them from those who are selling or offer their profit to charity organisations working with these diabetic patients. These dealers do it for a good cause as most times they are diabetic themselves or have relatives or close friends who have diabetes.
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Shopping around will help people to know their dealers well. Once you constantly buy these strips from a certain dealer, you become a loyal customer who is very valuable to them. You can even get favors such as great discounts from them. Those dealers who offer a good amount for test strips are more bound to have them. Dealers who send payment fast are also preferred by these patients who sell their excess test strips.
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One should not just have boxes of test strips lying around in their homes for no reason. There are many people who are in need of them hence one can sell to them. In doing so, both parties will be able to benefit from the sale of test strips.

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Tips on Choosing a Digital Marketing Company The digital marketing company that you choose would play an integral part in the success of your online marketing campaigns. In case you are inexperienced concerning choosing such service providers, chances are that you are concerned that you might choose the wrong one. With enough guidance, choosing a reliable online marketing agency should not be impossible. How do you choose such an agency? Get to know the specific industries your prospective marketing agency works in. Business industries differ from one another, and it is integral that you select a firm that understands your industry. This is important because it ensures that the agency in question understands the demographic you are targeting. It pays to choose a specialist agency. Specialist firms usually have comprehensive expertise in their specialist fields. Specialist experience would mean that the agency would not waste any time familiarizing themselves with your niche. Bigger marketing agencies are not necessarily more reliable. Although they usually have enough resources, this is not a guarantee of high quality services. In most cases, top marketing companies focus only on big clients. Others entrust all the work to rookie marketers. Some outsource the work too. To avoid frustration later, choose a big agency only if it guarantees you the senior expertise you need. It is advisable that you be among high paying customers.
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Inquire regarding who would be managing your account. Structure is integral when it comes to client-vendor partnerships. Knowing who to contact whenever needed would help avoid frustration later. If possible, ask that the individual in question be the expert handling the campaign. This would guarantee expert help all through. Make sure that the professional would always be available.
A 10-Point Plan for Marketing (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Get to know how your potential agency would report growth. This is important because it helps you know how successful the campaign is. Such reports would also help you know what is working and what is not. A quality agency should have realistic success measuring strategies. Some of the strategies include website and social media metrics, lead generation, subscribers gained, qualitative data, among others. Ask concerning how regularly you would be receiving such reports. You need to be sure that you would not be chasing the experts for the same. The right agency to choose would be one that employs the right marketing practices. It is true that shortcuts can work, but they always give temporary results. If you have plans to use SEO extensively, it is integral that you narrow down your search to agencies that specialize in White Hat SEO techniques. Such techniques warrant a safe and quality experience for you and your clients.